Packed NJ Homeless Shelters Due to Bitter Cold
Joseph's House
Dear Friends,

I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying the approach of fall weather. Like so many of our guests, I suspect you too find the drop in temperatures a welcome relief to the oppressive heat we had this summer. Being out in the heat all day, many of our guests arrived suffering from dehydration and heat stroke. Thankfully, we were able to provide water, air conditioning, access to shower facilities and direct connections to healthcare professionals. These are vitally important services that we provide thanks to your generous support.

Each year I come to you at this time to make an appeal for financial help. Due to the expansion of critically important day services, increased utility bills and less than anticipated foundation support, we have to raise $280,000 to achieve our total budget of nearly $800,000. I know it's a big challenge, but I also know that Joseph's House has been blessed time and again by caring people who share our commitment to the homeless.

I'd like to make sure you know where your donations go. In 2015, for every dollar donated to Joseph's House, 88 cents was spent directly on our guests and 12 cents on administration of our program. Our budget does not include food costs because all of the food donated and it is served each and every night by volunteers. Our volunteers are so generous and are critical to this ministry.

We are completely dedicated to providing food, shelter, daily access to showers and laundry, and individualized case management to every guest of Joseph's House. We do this 365 days of the year for 75+ women and men in a spirit of love and compassion. What's more, we target the most vulnerable, and their needs are great. Their cases are complex and so many of them fall through the cracks in the broader system. Joseph's House really is their only hope.

As you have supported us in the past, I ask that you do so again. The challenge before us is great, and we simply cannot sustain this work without you. Please, send what you can now and consider increasing your gift.

In closing let me tell you that on Monday evening September 19, 2016, six former guests of Joseph's House came back to address our current guests. Those alumni talked about fear and courage and the challenges our guests face each day. But they also reminded them of the many, many people who care about them, who support their efforts and are hoping for the best for them. These former guests were talking about you and the gratitude in their hearts for the impact Joseph's House made in their lives. They recognize that your support has played a significant part in their journey to health, housing and happiness. Thank you for supporting our work. I trust you know it is good work and I hope you sense that it is your good work.

John Klein
John Klein
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